I've got a problem with my wired LAN connection on my on HDD installed BT2.
I work on a Sony Vaio VGN-FS215S with an ipw2200 wlan device and an intel Pro 100 lan device.
I have a triple-boot system set up here (fedora7, bt2, xp).
Normally, my lan-device is eth0, my wlan is wlan0, but in bt2 my wlan is eth0 and i have no wired lan device, but lspci -v lists all devices (correctly).
I'm here on my Fedora, so I'm not able to post my lspci -v or ifconfig / iwconfig -a output (If it's necessary i could transfer it via USB stick)
I already tried all possibilities of devices (ifconfig eth/wlan{0|1|2|...} up) but the output always said, that this device does not exist.
I hope someone can help me