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Thread: Game Over: Scenario Based Infrastructure Hacktics

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    Default Game Over: Scenario Based Infrastructure Hacktics

    My account accidentally got deleted/banned so all my post are gone ... Thanks Bolexxx and g0tmi1k for helping me get it sorted out. I won't/can't repost everything but I wanted to put this back up since I posted it only the day before yesterday.

    This is a walk-through an infrastructure hack I set up in my home lab which cover such topics as: tunneling across dual-homed hosts, meterpreter pivoting, pass-the-hash... I got some nice feedback from a few people per mail so I will likely be creating a part-2 at some point containing stuff like: smb_replay, advanced use of powershell, tunneling multiple networks, post-exploitation

    Game Over: Scenario Based Infrastructure Hacktics

    [PS: @TAPE, if you see this thx and will check out the challenges you mentioned!]


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    Default Re: Game Over: Scenario Based Infrastructure Hacktics

    Hey man,

    I was wondering where the hell the post went, thinking I was going nuts...

    Would be very interested to hear how you progressed with the Stego challenges on wixxerd !
    Out of the images, sofar have only been able to get 1

    The other challenges are fun as well, fun as in intolerably irritating...

    For sh1ts and giggles you could check out this image stego challenge I made for the guys at THS
    a while ago as well ;
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