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Thread: Win32 Exploit Development Tutorial Series

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    Lightbulb Win32 Exploit Development Tutorial Series [Update V10]

    Hello all,

    My account accidentally got deleted/banned so all my post are gone ... Thanks Bolexxx and g0tmi1k for helping me get it sorted out. I wanted to repost this tutorial series as it is still being updated and I think this is a topic that will interest quite a few people!

    FuzzySecurity is branching out into Linux exploit development. Both Windows and Linux exploit development still have multiple parts to come

    Windows Exploit Development:

    Part 1: Introduction to Exploit Development

    Part 2: Saved Return Pointer Overflows

    Part 3: Structured Exception Handler (SEH)

    Part 4: Egg Hunters

    Part 5: Unicode 0x00410041

    Part 6: Writing W32 shellcode

    Part 7: Return Oriented Programming

    Part 8: Spraying the Heap [Chapter 1: Vanilla EIP]

    Linux Exploit Development

    Part 1: Introduction to Linux Exploit Development

    Part 2: Linux Format String Exploitation
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    Default Re: Win32 Exploit Development Tutorial Series

    Thank you so much, I have downloaded the first 2 parts during the fall - now I have some time to work on it and was wondering about the rest.

    Just for reference, I have an account (paid) for about 10 year in, never have a problem with any of my stuff, about 300 gigas - I have friends and co-workers with a free account (about 50 gigas) - never a problem.

    You can share an un-share any file as you wish, just try to keep you file count as low as possible for free account, zip, rar or iso multiple files, that way you save space on your drive

    Looking forward to spring to work on it, plus I just finish classes on Python, Ruby and Bash programming, now it should more interering

    Great work and thank you

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