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    Lightbulb Win32 Exploit Development Tutorial Series [Update V10]

    Hello all,

    My account accidentally got deleted/banned so all my post are gone ... Thanks Bolexxx and g0tmi1k for helping me get it sorted out. I wanted to repost this tutorial series as it is still being updated and I think this is a topic that will interest quite a few people!

    FuzzySecurity is branching out into Linux exploit development. Both Windows and Linux exploit development still have multiple parts to come

    Windows Exploit Development:

    Part 1: Introduction to Exploit Development

    Part 2: Saved Return Pointer Overflows

    Part 3: Structured Exception Handler (SEH)

    Part 4: Egg Hunters

    Part 5: Unicode 0x00410041

    Part 6: Writing W32 shellcode

    Part 7: Return Oriented Programming

    Part 8: Spraying the Heap [Chapter 1: Vanilla EIP]

    Linux Exploit Development

    Part 1: Introduction to Linux Exploit Development

    Part 2: Linux Format String Exploitation
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