Lua is an extension programming language written as a library in 'C'. Consequently, it is extremely fast, principally because it does not act as an interpreter in the traditional sense.

I have examined and used the scapy python module written by Phillipe Biondi and found it to be an attractive system with good capability. It is developed for Python.. which is slow for most tasks.

I see great opportunity and need for a different approach yet one which is modular.

Lua already has a socket library (luasocket) but this deals only with Layer 3 and above. I have a need to write a library which can operate at the link-layer (raw socket) to maximise system investigation and protection and which can run at the speed of 'C' to exploit polling capability (packet recording, processing and injection).

I therefore propose to write a 'C' library to act as an interface to Lua. This library will be a wrapper for libnet and it will include simple object oriented capability for the rapid (easy) creation of wireless (802.11) and ethernet packets and translation between the two.

I will of course include ARP, DNS, IP, UDP and TCP capability. Whilst I am writing this library it would likely be a relatively trivial matter to include additonal useful objects which some of you favour. It might thus be a useful start for the creation of a modular system exploiting the raw speed of 'C' through the use of script-like objects.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions (protocols) for inclusion.