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Thread: Wireless cards- Best all round?

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    Default Wireless cards- Best all round?

    Hello friends,
    Firstly i probably know this is one of the million dollar questions, and at the end of reading this post u'll probably want to beat me up, but i really can't find and answer that satisfies me 100%, so her goes my question:
    Is there a wireless PCMCIA card wich is simply amazing in LINUX (obviously we're counting all the cracking programs used in linux, mostly in backtrack) aswell as simply amazing with wireless cracking programs in WINDOWS?

    I hope you dont insult me too hard and just give me your opinion, hopefully founded on some facts,

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    Obviously You Have Done Little Research......

    We Have A Search Button !!!
    We Have A Wiki With Wireless Hcl
    We Can't Help You On Windows Because We Are A Linux/bt Support Forum
    Google Is Ur Friend
    99 % Of What You Want To Know Is Already Answered Here.....
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

    BackTrack :
    Giving Machine Guns to Monkeys since 2006

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    Asked and answered too many times to need yet another thread asking exactly the same question.

    If you had done any research here at all, you would have found all the answers you need.

    But here is one tip for you, there is no one card that will do everything in all the software, that is why most of us have many cards.

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