Hello everyone!

I can't get my USB wireless to work right in Backtrack 5 r3 GNOME (Live and installed) within VirtualBox. It seems to work as it should, until I enter 'startx'. Then, it can't find any access points at all. Even if I log back out, it continues to not work. I can still see it if I 'lsusb' or 'iwconfig'. I've tried turning off USB 2.0 support, but it doesn't help. Why would starting X screw it up? It all works fine if I run Backtrack on my actual hardware.

I guess I could work around it and just use plain CLI... but I like GUI and a 11GB install is a bit excessive for CLI OS. Not to mention not being able to use GUI programs.

I would most definitely appreciate it if someone could help me with this. I have searched Google and this forum, so I'm sorry if this was answered somewhere.

Here's my adapter: Ralink Technology, Corps. RT2870/RT3070 Wireless Adapter and it uses the rt2800usb driver.