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Thread: accessing WinXP Home pc

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    Smile RE:accessing WinXP Home pc

    dilwert ,you can also use the MBSA(MS baseline security analyzer) and see if you are missing any patches and you have any security holes. And also remember that there is no %100 security. Nothing is sure in life (except death and taxes). )).Hihihi! Google is your best buddy!
    G. luck!

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    Default Windows XP Home

    sounds good. Sorry to start an OS war here. I just wanted to test illegal remote access to my XP home ed. box. I am interested in security and wanted to start practicing how hackers access pc's. In order to stop a hacker you have to think like one. That is what I was trying to do. if I was a hacker what steps would I take to gain access to my pc.

    thanks all for your positive thoughts. They say the dumb questions are the one you don't ask.


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    Unfortunately the answer to your question is not a simple one. There are many attack vectors one can use to access a system but the prefered method depends on the type of environment.

    In a home situation where a lone xp machine is connected to the internet without a firewall someone might be able to exploit a running service directly. Another typical home situation is when a machine is behind a router which is running some type of firewall and NAT. In this situation it may be easiest to attempt to have the target machine connect back to the attacker. This can be done in many ways.

    Like mentioned earlier, I recommend you gain a solid understading of networking and your Operating System. You probably wont get very far in testing if you dont understand the basics. If you are curious about what types of attacks can be carried out I highly recommend "The Art of Intrusion" by Kevin Mitnick. It's a quick read and you dont have to be extremely technical to understand what is going on.

    If this isnt what you want perhaps you could ask a more specific question one of us could answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by streaker69 View Post
    If all you microsoft bashers are so confident in the security of OSS software, would you consider putting your machine directly on the internet with no protection at all?

    EVERY OS has flaws that can be exploited remotely. It's just that a large number of people despise Microsoft for whatever reason they choose to hate them, and those people have devoted a large amount of time to finding those flaws. Just recently those same people have started to focus upon Apple as well, and eventually, they'll turn on all the OSS.

    There are known exploits for even OSS software, if there weren't then we wouldn't be seeing security updates for them. OSS software has it's bugs and problems just like everything else. For anyone to say that one OS is any more secure than another one is just plain stupid.
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