thanks for reply!

this was one of the firsts guide I used but for me it was not working.

20 minutes ago I found a page where is a detailed description to install a different kernel - which I tried see SEE HERE
I am using now the Linux bt 3.2.15-030215-generic kernel. Actually I am not sure if that was a good idea.

After installing this kernel ---> i915 is loaded without any problems!
Now I am able to change the resolution, second screen is in extended mode (YESSSSS!) Hotplug D-Sub (VGA) is working (YESSSSS! again) - HDMI output (third YESSSSS!) only a sound problem on HDMI but ok

Battery cosume gives me appr. 3 hours - but I think this is normal regarding the optimus stuff.

For me is this solution a good working one!

But I will play around with the Backtrack kernel and try to install the i965 driver - hopefully with success - will report.

just some confusion about glxspheres - see below - please give me more information about that behavior.
oot@bt:~# glxspheres 
Polygons in scene: 62464
Visual ID of window: 0xa8
Unrecognized deviceID 0x166
X Error of failed request:  BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)
  Major opcode of failed request:  153 (GLX)
  Minor opcode of failed request:  3 (X_GLXCreateContext)
  Serial number of failed request:  29
  Current serial number in output stream:  30
root@bt:~# optirun glxspheres
Polygons in scene: 62464
Visual ID of window: 0x21
Context is Direct
OpenGL Renderer: GeForce GT 650M/PCIe/SSE2
262.622625 frames/sec - 277.129899 Mpixels/sec
250.247682 frames/sec - 264.071364 Mpixels/sec
231.996962 frames/sec - 244.812474 Mpixels/sec
234.293653 frames/sec - 247.236035 Mpixels/sec
234.428067 frames/sec - 247.377873 Mpixels/sec
245.105837 frames/sec - 258.645484 Mpixels/sec
259.993739 frames/sec - 274.355793 Mpixels/sec
234.762400 frames/sec - 247.730675 Mpixels/sec
234.407647 frames/sec - 247.356325 Mpixels/sec

modinfo output change a little bit:
root@bt:~# modinfo i915
filename:       /lib/modules/3.2.15-030215-generic/kernel/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915.ko
license:        GPL and additional rights
description:    Intel Graphics
author:         Tungsten Graphics, Inc.
license:        GPL and additional rights
srcversion:     D0A079082DBA08E85780C84
alias:          pci:v00008086d0000015Asv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000162sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000152sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000166sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000156sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d0000010Asv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000126sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000116sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000106sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000122sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000112sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000102sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000046sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00000042sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d0000A011sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d0000A001sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002E92sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002E42sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002E32sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002E22sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002E12sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002E02sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002A42sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002A12sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002A02sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d000029D2sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d000029C2sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d000029B2sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d000029A2sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002992sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002982sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002972sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d000027AEsv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d000027A2sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002772sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002592sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d0000258Asv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002582sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002572sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d0000358Esv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00003582sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00002562sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
alias:          pci:v00008086d00003577sv*sd*bc03sc*i*
depends:        drm,drm_kms_helper,video,i2c-algo-bit
intree:         Y
vermagic:       3.2.15-030215-generic SMP mod_unload modversions 
parm:           modeset:Use kernel modesetting [KMS] (0=DRM_I915_KMS from .config, 1=on, -1=force vga console preference [default]) (int)
parm:           fbpercrtc:int
parm:           panel_ignore_lid:Override lid status (0=autodetect [default], 1=lid open, -1=lid closed) (int)
parm:           powersave:Enable powersavings, fbc, downclocking, etc. (default: true) (int)
parm:           semaphores:Use semaphores for inter-ring sync (default: -1 (use per-chip defaults)) (int)
parm:           i915_enable_rc6:Enable power-saving render C-state 6 (default: -1 (use per-chip default) (int)
parm:           i915_enable_fbc:Enable frame buffer compression for power savings (default: -1 (use per-chip default)) (int)
parm:           lvds_downclock:Use panel (LVDS/eDP) downclocking for power savings (default: false) (int)
parm:           lvds_use_ssc:Use Spread Spectrum Clock with panels [LVDS/eDP] (default: auto from VBT) (int)
parm:           vbt_sdvo_panel_type:Override selection of SDVO panel mode in the VBT (default: auto) (int)
parm:           reset:Attempt GPU resets (default: true) (bool)
parm:           enable_hangcheck:Periodically check GPU activity for detecting hangs. WARNING: Disabling this can cause system wide hangs. (default: true) (bool)
so far, I am really, really, really, really, happy with this solution - so far.