Hi All!

I'm trying to change the bootsplash for my iso boot image.

Basically I started by installing BT2 to a laptop hardrive. I modified the /etc/bootsplash related files to my liking and modified lilo.conf. This works great for me but the next step is where I'm a little lost. I'm not a big time slackware or gentoo user and not so familiar with livecd yet.

For me the following step was copying over the contents of the BT2 cdrom. Namely the BT and boot directory. I was able to add a lot of modifications into the rootcopy including things like a modified version of /etc/issue. After which I just used the make_iso.sh to create the iso image and then burn and boot.

But when I added the changes from my /etc/bootsplash into rootcopy this did nothing to change the bootsplash. I believe this is because the etc.lzm module containing the original /etc/bootsplash files gets loaded first.

Thinking this was the problem and not wishing to reinvent the BT image completely, I turned to lzm2dir and dir2lzm. I unpacked the etc.lzm into a directory then added the bootsplash files. I then used dir2lzm to make the etc.lzm module back. I copied this back to BT/base and did a make_iso.sh.

So far, any changes I've made to etc.lzm even minor ones result in a boot failure winding up at the run level: prompt.

I have tried modifying the etc.lzm and adding it to BT/modules but again this fails to work.

I've read a lot about bootsplash implementation but it appears that I still haven't a clue how to leap over to the solution I'm looking for. I know I'm missing something, the funny thing is Linux solutions are usually as plain as the nose on your face.

Any help would be much appreciated!
---lost in a bog some where near Mordor