I'm using backtrack5 r3 for a couple of days and I'm kind a noob in linux. So the question might be dumb, but I'd prefer to a ask than having problem later. I was looking for an answer but neither on google nor here I couldn't find it.

So, I installed x86 version but I need x64 for some tools. I don't want to change partitions or anything like that, just setup new system. I have Windows 7 dualboot.
All I have to do is just to boot Backtrack x64 from eg. usb stick and install like a new operating system or the whole think is a bit more complex? I assume that "repairing" old Backtrack is not an option? Or do I have to deinstall old Backtrack, wipe partitions and do everything from fresh?


BTW. Your captcha is the worst I've ever seen :D