I'm asking again with different case. Situation same after i'm get upgrade from BT5 R1 to R2.

My x windows cannot be started and just blink the screen than all gone ... hang-up.

I'm already do Xorg --configure and get /root/
trying starting the x with that configuration just getting small cursor at left top screen, then blank, blink the screen twice, then gone .. system hang-up

This problem persist after i upgraded into R2.

then after RTFMed at this forum, somebody suggest install the CUDA, and follow the instructions from .. but the result still same ... blink then gone

PS: i've use on my sony vaio laptop series Z115GG that has dual video card, 1 is NVIDIA with CUDA, 2 is Intel Graphics Accelerator
NVIDIA with CUDA when i search is NVIDIA GT-330M (300 Series Mobile)

What that i've been missed / mistake?