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Thread: X system is not displayed

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    Default X system is not displayed


    I'm asking again with different case. Situation same after i'm get upgrade from BT5 R1 to R2.

    My x windows cannot be started and just blink the screen than all gone ... hang-up.

    I'm already do Xorg --configure and get /root/
    trying starting the x with that configuration just getting small cursor at left top screen, then blank, blink the screen twice, then gone .. system hang-up

    This problem persist after i upgraded into R2.

    then after RTFMed at this forum, somebody suggest install the CUDA, and follow the instructions from .. but the result still same ... blink then gone

    PS: i've use on my sony vaio laptop series Z115GG that has dual video card, 1 is NVIDIA with CUDA, 2 is Intel Graphics Accelerator
    NVIDIA with CUDA when i search is NVIDIA GT-330M (300 Series Mobile)

    What that i've been missed / mistake?


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    Default Re: X system is not displayed

    Can you rephrase your question? What exactly is happening and what hardware are you using (video card wise)?

    Temporarily, so you can run startx, I would try loading GRUB on boot and enter the edit mode (It will specify at the bottom of your screen the keys to strike to enter this mode, newest version of Grub is TAB).
    after vga=761 add: nomodeset

    This should allow you to enter startx.

    Also, are you using KDE or Gnome?

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