Hello, so when I began the hashcat and realized how long it would take to scan, it took about 3 and half days. But I couldn't help out of curiosity to see if it was really doing its job correctly, so, I found a medium sized *.txt file from the xploitz pass folder (thank you) and wrote the password of my wpa2 in there and resaved the file. This is what I noticed:

oclHashcat-plus64.exe -m 2500 jones-3.hccap passwords22.txt --force
I haven't figured out why I have to use the --force, but I use one more code out of curiosity

oclHashcat-plus64.exe -m 2500 -r rules/best64.rule jones-3.hccap passwords22.txt --force

so BOTH of these codes work when I put my WPA2 password in a list that was line by line vertically, it is successful.
but when I tried using a list with no spaces: thisguy338personRose38pedal, etc, etc and put my password in between
both of the code will not find it.

so that makes me wonder, because after browsing through a lot of the .txt files, I realized many are like that, no spaces.

Can anyone help me out with this?

Much appreciated in advance, thank you.