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Thread: Backtrack in Triple Boot (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS & Windows Vista)

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    Default Backtrack in Triple Boot (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS & Windows Vista)

    I like Grub the way I have it which includes the Plop Boot Manager to boot from USB. I'd prefer to install Backtrack 5R3 bootloader in its own partition. And let OS-prober find it and add to my existing Grub menu. Any way to accomplish this ? Thanks !


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    Default Re: Backtrack in Triple Boot (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS & Windows Vista)

    There is no way you can install GRUB or any other bootloader in a partition. You need to read more about MBR and Bootloaders. The GRUB installs in the MBR which are the first 512 bytes of HDD, period.

    Now if you try to do it, you will, and I say will not might, cause several issues to your installation.

    If you want to keep your "pretty nice boot menu", go to the vendo'rs page and see how to add manually the entry to that menu for the BT.

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