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Thread: enable kernel pae error

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    Lightbulb enable kernel pae error

    I have 6G of RAM and enable "pae" as it says in the link

    also check

    joss >> root @: ~ # cat / boot/config-3.2.6 | grep HighMem
    # CONFIG_NOHIGHMEM is not set
    # CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G is not set
    # CONFIG_DEBUG_HIGHMEM is not set

    but verify 'bt' just keep using only 4G RAM

    joss >> root @: ~ # cat / proc / meminfo | grep MemTotal
    MemTotal: 3611672 kB

    in backbox 3 could enable "pae" and all good
    the 6G are in use

    s.o.: backtrack5 r3 x86, backbox3 x86(pae enable), windows8 x64
    ram: 6G
    hd: 500G
    Processor: AMD-E450 dual core 1.65 (apu)
    video: radon hd 6320

    there are any .deb to enable "pae"?
    which can be the error?


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    Default Re: enable kernel pae error

    And why don't you install the 64bit version of BT5, it will see the 6Gb..The 32 bit processors and 32 bit OS have that limitation, only up to 3 Gb will be recognized in RAM.

    You use a PAE kernels when using a 32 bit OS and have more than 3Gb, but in your case, you can install a 64 bit OS.

    You have a 64 bit processor.


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