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Thread: <ask> My machine jammed when activating monitoring mode

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    Default <ask> My machine jammed when activating monitoring mode

    please help me, i'm indonesian, i beginner in backtrack.
    i have install backtrack on my pc with backtrack R1. but when i make my networkcard to enable monitoring, it me jammed.
    this my code
    airmon-ng start wlan0
    then my pc direct jammed, i can't to working again. i must push the power bottom to shutdown my pc and i must turn it on again.

    my network card is broadcom with 4313 driver and it is works well to connect to internet, just when i enabling this card to monitoring mode like that, my pc direct jammed.

    please help me to fix this problem.

    sorry if my english is bad.

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    Default Re: <ask> My machine jammed when activating monitoring mode

    You didn't say what type of computer(model) you're using. The BackTrack version that you are using is an older one and you probably should upgrade, as BT is on 5r3 now. With regards to your wireless card, from what little i could find online it appears that your card does support monitor mode. It could be an issue of installing the drivers for your broadcomm 4313(do some research on your own). Make sure that in the Applications/ Wicd Network Manager/Preferences/Wireless interface that you type in: wlan0 in the space provided so that backtrack will look for a wireless 802.11 card. Good luck and don't give up.

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    Default Re: <ask> My machine jammed when activating monitoring mode

    Try openning a terminal and type:
    ifconfig wlan0 down
    iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor
    ifconfig wlan0 up

    Then airodump-ng wlan0 and see if it works.



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