Ill start with my specs: Intel core i7 3770, Nvidia Geforce GTX 570, WD 320 GB HDD, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. So i have downloaded BT5R3 KDE and GNOME 4 different times and verified with md5sum. The Live DVD's that i burned, i just used the Windows disc burner and burned the ISO i downloaded from the BackTrack website. I set the BIOS to boot from the ATAPI DVD drive, and all i get is a black screen with a blinking underscore. It doesn't even get to the BT boot menu. The same thing happens with the USB drive. I used NETBootin to put the BT5R3 KDE and GNOME ISO onto the USB drive, and the same thing happens when i choose to boot from the USB drive, black screen with blinking underscore, like its waiting for something. Just to make this clear, I have successfully booted BT5R1 to the same system with live DVD and installed it along with Windows 7. So there is nothing wrong with the system booting from DVD and installing BackTrack 5 R1, why will it not boot BT5R3? I used the same method with both DVD's. Is there something new with R3 that I don't know about? I have been googling and searching for days about this issue and gone through 2 packs of DVD's. Please somebody help me with this issue, i would greatly appreciate it. If anybody needs anymore info let me know.

Question: Why when booting from USB and Live DVD do i get a black screen with blinking underscore, before it even shows me the BT boot menu. When i choose to boot from either DVD/USB it boots straight into the blinking underscore black screen. Whoever can help me will be my hero.