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    Default Linux new bee

    Hey Guys ,
    I just installed Backtrack2 into my laptop using virtualbox , i am not able to configure my broadcom bluetooth dongle and set up my internet connection , i am using Broadband connection , so if anyone knows could u please help me out to configure bluetooth and to set up internet connection

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    Default Lazy Boy .....

    JUST SEARCH...........

    here we have a nice function socalled strangely "Search....."

    all your questions were asked here several times....

    one more thing : if you don't ever know how to connect to internet via backtrack, you should LEARN linux with a more basic distribution like ubuntu 7.1 or opensuse...BT IS NOT INTENDED FOR's a specialized distro for network security admins and testers......

    don't take this too hard, but you MUST KNOW LINUX NETWORKING before jump into backtrack, it's really true, you must feel easy in command line & other specifics linux tools or you won't be able to do something efficient .....
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

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