It`s not a Backtrack specific question - but here it goes anyways.

How would i go about getting startet with network (and maybe web) security?
Books, tutorial, resources, etc?

I have excessive skills in binary auditing / reverse engineering and exploit finding/development/usage/etc. Furthermore i have done many years of professional c/c++/assembler developpment. I also have a god understanding of *windows* internals.

As for the things i have little to no experience with: Linux (sad, but true. Never really worked with it.), php/html/etc (basic basic everyone knwos), and web/network security (zero).

Because i am very good (forgive the bragging...dont take me too serios) wiht binary auditing and most people are better with web/net sec than me, i usually end up looking at assembly while the others expand their skills in web/net sec.

I want to change that, but somehow i am unsure where to start. :I

Maybe someone could push me in the right direction?


p.s. what would be a more appropriate forum to post network security related questions?