I'm having problems with WICD returning the common "Bad Password" error while attempting to connect to an AP. I am absolutely desperate for this problem to be fixed and I would love for any input on this as I'm not very experienced with Linux.

Here is some background information:
-Running BT5R3 as a VirtualBox guest with Windows 7 Pro as the host OS.
-There are no problems detecting the adapter in BT and airodump and airmon work flawlessly.
-I've tried connecting to 3 different AP's. 1 with no security, 1 with WEP, and 1 with WPA2. None work. None have a hidden SSID
-This adapter works fine to connect to an AP in the host OS.
-Basic things such as host driver installation and VirtualBox configuration have been complete.
-All drivers are current as far as I know. Used the CD that came with the Alfa card to install the host driver and was told that the card works out of the box by a friend who has the same card. Not too sure about his configuration.

Here is what I've tried so far:
-Removing Network Manager. It wasn't installed. I had installed it and then removed/purged it.
-Tried every wpa_supplicant driver in WICD
-Downgrading WICD.
-Upgrading WICD. Was unable to do this as it required a newer version of Python than BT5R3 uses.
-Upgraded Python however was unable to get this to work and was told that it was bad to use a version of Python that the distro doesn't use. Reverted this.
-Reinstalled BT from scratch on a new VM
-I've tried using wpa_supplicant to manually connect, however I'm not too familiar with this process. I do notice that wpa_supplicant starts and works by having wpa_gui open while trying to connect in WICD
-I've updated everything in BT with apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade

I'm forgetting a few things that I know I've tried. Basically I've tried everything I can find in any search/forum post and I'm so frustrated by this. I hear it's a common error and that most have fixed it with the removal of network manager. I wish it was only this easy for myself.

I hope this post is adequate for someone to be able to assist and I will provide any other information that could be used to fix this. Much thanks!