I'm trying to configure my BackTrack to collect gps data from my phone. I can connect my phone with laptop by using usb only because I have installed BT inside VMware and I can't use internal laptop bluetooth inside VM, nor I have usb bluetooth device. If i had I could have used wdrive script.

I tried to configure through USB, following this guide .
I executed the script mentioned in this guide after installing adb (android-sdk_r21.0.1-linux.tgz)

Then I edited /usr/local/bin/kismet /usr/local/etc/kismet.conf --> gpsdevice=/dev/ttyUSB0
At this point, I have a doubt. Is it possible that the correct usb port is USB1 or 2 instead of USB0.

After that I executed :
#gpsd /dev/ttyUSB0

and then opened kismet :

Kismet is able to detect wifi AP as usual but is not receiving any data from gpsd, showing error - No updates from gpsd in 15 secs, attempting to reconnect.

Please help me out!