Hi all.

I've been reading this forum now for abit and find it very interesting subject.
I have already broken WEP on my router and WPA-PSK using a simple dictionary word by using Xploits really good tutorials.

But what if I change the passkey to say david123 that is not in my dictionary file.

My understanding is that, if this is not in my dictionary file then it cannot be easily done. Only a hash table which are gigabits big is the only way to speed up the process of going thru all the different number of combination passkeys to get the correct one of david123?

Or is it something more simple?

Also, Im thinking of buying just a cheap laptop and connecting it to my router to then use nmap tool and experiment with that. Would you say this step is the next logical one in learning how to increase my knowledge further in this field. I at the moment look after our computer network at work, and find this subject of security really interesting.

Any ideas would be of great help .