I have a HP ProBook 4320s, and I used to have dual-boot with BT5 R2 and W7. Now, I installed a fresh W7, and left out a partition with 20GB to install R3 on. I use an USB to install, and it boots fine. I select "Default", but when I come to the screen where I type "startx" to get to the desktop; it never goes to the desktop. A black screen comes up with a white underline blinking two blinks in the top left corner, then it goes all black. I've tested the USB on other computers, and it works fine, so that's not the problem. I thought maybe it had something to do with unsupported hardware, but concidering I used to have R2 before, I guess that's unlikely?
I'm not very experienced with either Linux or BT in particular, but I really want to learn.
Hope someone can help me, thanks in advice!