Wow, I truly hope I'm being retarded but I have been receiving the error "Can not initialize the PortAudio Library. Error: Host error" whenever I try to use the RTP player in Wireshark. In clicking past the first error, decode the VoIP streams and try to play the audio I get "Got this info from PortAudio Library: Default deviceName: (No device info)(0)." Has anyone else experienced this issue?

My system is a HP EliteBook 8740w (HDA Intel sound) with 8GB RAM. Error is repeatable across both BackTrack5r3 KDE 64-bit & Gnome 64-bit.

I have launched the PulseAudio daemon (using /usr/bin/pulseaudio) and have verified I can play .wav and .mp3 files. I have tried killing PulseAudio to see if it was conflicting with PortAudio. I have even installed Audacity to reconfigure hardware settings but nada. Yes, I checked the MD5sums on my downloads too and they are a match. Google has failed me...unless I'm using the wrong search strings. I know the error lies within Wireshark but I just cannot nail it down. Any help, hints, advice or insults would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.