Hello, i have problem.. and i am unable to solve it myself so any help would be appreciated.

My english sucks, but try to bear with it.

I have downloaded Backtrack 5 RC3 "64bit GNOME, from utorrent. Then i had DataTravel USB memorystick(16 Gb) and i used http://www.pendrivelinux.com sofware to "burn" it to my usb stick. Then i took stick and placed in the USB port of my laptop, hopefully it goes there. I booted USB and i chose "BackTrack Text - Default Boot Text Mode" Console starts rolling and backround is Backtrack5 logo. After while there is red text "root@bt:~#" cursor is blinking meaning i can type text there, but. it seems i can't. it doesent recognize my keyboard or something i though and i took keyboard of my other computer and used it there. it seems that this keyboard works, so i type "passwd root" and change to my own password, then i type "startx" and i get UI.

then things get crazy. My laptop touchpad doesent work at all, so i take my mouse from PC and plug it there, yes it works but.. it's like drunken mouse, it goes very slow and i can't describe it but i can say it is broken as h*ll. i am like, who gives a sh*t about mosue and start console, but.. it won't start, nothing starts, and nothing works.

I though, there is some porblem with usb or the ISO and i download it again, this time i use "32 bit" version. I wait hour and when download is ready i once again "burn" it to my memorystick and boot it, same problem. okay, im like wth and i start to download BackTrack RC2, while it was downloading i used time to test other backtrack's' on my virtual machine on my pc, and it works like charm, both of them im like fk this.

then i go sleep, today however i burned (rc3 version it to DVD and didn't use USB anymore, since i thought it is broken or something. (btw, i am still downloading RC2 while im making this post) After burning it to disc, i try to boot it.. but same problems are there. Now as you can see, i tried every possible thing i can think of. Is it that my Laptop http://reviews.cnet.co.uk/laptops/ac...view-50000006/ doesent work with backtrack at all. I try to answer all questions you guys ask, and i can provide pics too. I really really would appreciate any help i can get.

Thank you.