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    Default Network Security Approach

    Hi guys...

    absolutely new here on the scene. Kind of got thrown into network security for my job and am still fumbling around a bit...

    been asked to poke around the company servers to find out if there's anything easily exploitable (with perm of course) just to get more acquainted with the field(so far, just poking around /w backtrack info gathering and network mapping tools), but now trying to dig in a bit deeper, but I am kind of lost as to how to begin; did some port scans, but don't know what to do with all this info :P

    Assuming that I am somewhat decent /w windows / linux / programming / networking in general, what books/ links do you recommend for pen testing procedures, etc?

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    One book I acquired lately that would give you a broad overview is an O'Reilly Publication: "Security Warrior"

    ISBN 0-596-00545-8
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