I've been having some problems with backtrack r3 after burning the iso file with persistance to my 16 gigabyte sandisk usb. When I boot it up and start x, it's all fine, until i get to the part where it shuts down. I type in 'poweroff' and it starts powering off like normal, but instead of saying "you can now remove the bootable medium", or something like that, it says something like "I/O error on sector " and then some number i don't know. it repeats that message alot of times, each time with a different number, then cuts straight to powering off. The next time i turn it on, i boot everything like normal, and its all fine until it gets to the part where I'm supposed to type 'startx'. It starts saying something like "deleted inode refrenced " and then another one of those seemingly random numbers. I'm using a computer made in 2007 called the HP Pavillion a6807c PC. I apologize if i'm missing anything blatantly obvious, but I've done this about 7 times with the same result each time and I'm just a impatient eleven year old kid. Thanks in advance