I find Backtrack fascinating and am on my first attempt with cracking wep on my home network.

I have found a guide which looks good:

ryanunderdown com/2007/02/12/cracking-wep-using-backtrack

and am on step 2: Collecting Data with Airodump and am having a prob.

In the guide the guy said your card will probably show up as eth0

Mine show's as: wlan with the following info:

IEEE 802.11b Mode: Monitor (as I have kismet open), frquency 2.417 GHZ, access point not associated, bit rate: 11mb/s, retry: on, fragment thr: off, encryption key: off.

In Airodump I type:

airodump-ng wlan -w /mnt/hda1/home/mike/desktop 6 1

it says:

"1 is not a network interface" when in the guide is says typing 1 at the end is telling airodump to only collect IVS

If I take the 1 away it says the same about 6 which the guide says is telling airodump the chanel of the target ap

If I take 6 away it says:

Error setting monitor mode on wlan

As you can see in the info above my card is set to monitor due to having kismet running in the background...

Any advice ?

I know I need to sort out where the packets are going to be stored, /mnt/hda1/home/mike/desktop is just bs really but I assume wouldn't give that monitor mode error command.

I'm gonna have to get a pen drive to store the IV's I think, as it says you can do that though it says the ntfs support allows allows windows partitions to be read as read only.

Thanks in advance for your help !