i have installed backtrack 5r3 Gnome iso 32 bit in windows xp with Parallel Vm by follow this tutorial http://dishingtech.blogspot.com.au/2...-mac-with.html
.. after that i install synaptic in backtrack with command
apt-get install synaptic
ALL things were going good.. and the internet in backtrack 5r3 is working fine with cable.. but i have Tp-Link Model No: wn350G wireles card and when i type command in terminal
--> iwconfig it shows me
lo no wireless extensions.
eth0 no wireless extensions.

and when i type in terminal ifconfig -a
output is =

i search too many tutorials and the result i got lot of headech .

i type in terminal
and output was

i m new bie .. i dont know what to do now .. how can i detect my wireless card in backtrack and make it work properly..
any one help me i shall b very thankfull to him...