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Thread: Connecting to AP with disabled DHCP

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    Default Connecting to AP with disabled DHCP

    Hi all, I have a SMCWBR14-G wireless router in my home and have it connected to the internet for 24/7. I want only my family to have access to the internet by connecting to the wireless router via wi-fi.

    There are 3 laptops here sometimes there are many guest or other family members come here want access to the internet if they are visiting my house. I try to use the WEP. But sometime when I see the log, I see other people are connected to my router. Even though I gradually change the WEP, sometime there are still illegal clients connected to my router.
    Then I learn to use BackTrack 2 Final and I've discovered it's quite easy to crack my WEP (after I watch the video posted by Xploitz, many thanks to you). So I try to disable the DHCP and use static IP for the LAN. But again, I discovered that there are illegal clients connected to my router via wi-fi.

    My questions are:
    -How can they know my router LAN IP address, /subnet, and have them connected to the internet through my router even I have disabled my DHCP on my router?
    -Does anyone know the process and the tools they are using for scanning and connecting to my router?
    -Is it possible to know my router LAN IP address, WAN IP address, and DNS IP address without logging in to my router?
    -Is it possible my router's password cracked?
    I have changed the default password for my router, I'm just curious to know because it doesn't ask to input username to login, password only.

    Thank you very much

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    Why not change it to WPA, and use a random password?

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