I am running BT5R3 on an acer 10005HA netbook. The internal wireless works fine but I like to plug in my external Alfa AWUS036H with a dipole 7dBi antenna it came with or a Hawking HiGain Directional Corner Antenna, indoor, 15dBi - HAI15SC cantenna type antenna.

I get about the same results, and they are kind of poor. I live in an area where houses are like 20 feet away side by side, old and wooden. I can see signals fine but its always poor quality. My internal wifi (still enabled when i plug in external adapter if that makes a difference) works just as well as the 15dBi antenna.

I am just confused as to why I can't get a better signal than -60 and with that I can't run reaver or any other capturing software without getting timeouts. Is the internal wireless card being enabled messing up the external wireless? Even outside in my open lawn, I hardly get any more signal than inside my house and its always -60 or worse. It doesn't matter if its the 7dBi antenna or the hawking, the signal always sucks too much to do anything with.