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Thread: Is it possible to do this? (Nvg510)

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    Default Is it possible to do this? (Nvg510)

    Well i have an old Nvg510 gateway from when i had service through AT&T U-verse, but I have long been through with them...but is what im trying to do is connect my nvg510 to a public WiFi HoTspot next to my house so that the signal will be alot stronger for my laptop to pick up. How would i go about doing this? is it possible? Im not having much luck on anything through google.

    I appreciate any assistance with this!

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    Default Re: Is it possible to do this? (Nvg510)

    Look into range extending. Or Wifi boosting. Or whatever name they've decided to give the function. But if your router is capable of it, then yes. It is possible. Otherwise: no.

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