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    Default rtl8187 V5

    Hi i have downloaded backtrack 2 and i have managed to crack 3 APs by booting the backtrack 2 original CD and running airmon-ng and cofig the mac then opening airodump-ng to find the APs and monitor the data then aireplay-ng to fake associate to the AP using command aireplay-ng -1 0 -e xessidx -a xthere MACx -h xMy Macx wlan0 which works great, then i type in aireplay-ng -3 -b xthere MACx -h xMy Macx wlan0. Then i install the new aircrack-ng version 9 i think and decrypt the file that way which works great for me BUT

    I want to use the new rtl8187 V5 drivers but when i put them in it will not fake associate with the AP (the reason i want to use the new driver is because i want the sensitivity that it brings during airodum-ng)

    I have tried the command aireplay-ng -1 6000 -e xessidx -a xthere MACx -h xMy Macx wlan0 (with no luck)

    I have also tried sh wlan0up (with no luck)

    Also tried airmon-ng start wlan0 6 (to put the card on the channel of the AP and this did not work)

    The problem i have with fake associate with the AP only happens when i upgrade the drivers for my rtl8187 from the original ones on the backtrack 2 Live CD.

    My question is, is there anybody out there who has had the same problem and has overcome it and HOW?

    I am a bit of a noob when it comes to Linux but learning as fast i can.

    My wireless card is a USB 2.0 internal card (Motherboard M2n32 deulux).

    Thank in advance!!

    Sorry Put post in wrong place!!!

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    Not only did you post this in the wrong section, you also have another thread asking exactly the same thing in another section.

    So, you have only made two posts, both of them asking the same question, one of them in totally the wrong section and the other is not really in the best place for it either.

    Not the best of starts is it.

    Do not do it again.

    Take this as your only warning.

    Thread Closed.

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    Moving this out of the tutorial section and into the no0bie section where it belongs.
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