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Thread: Karma patches missing

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    Default Karma patches missing

    Hey guys,

    I think the actual BT 4 final is missing the karma patches in the madwifi driver.

    hopefully it can be fixed ...


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    Default Re: Karma patches missing

    not sure if this helps, but you actually dont need those since airbase-ng can do the same without too much hassle
    Aquillar> hey, you guys ever play kmem russian roulette?
    Agnostos> I don't believe I have. care to explain the details?
    Aquillar> dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/kmem bs=1 count=1 seek=$RANDOM
    Aquillar> keep executing until system crashes
    Aquillar> person that crashes system has to buy beer
    Agnostos> lol
    Agnostos> I wonder if I can sneak that into a server startup script here.

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