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Thread: root size not big enough

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    Default root size not big enough

    I have been trying to split a 10GB wordlist into 2GB pieces using the command split, the problem is that before the first part is completed the program tells me memory full so I checked the place called root and its only 1.8 GB in size which is obviously not enough the question is how do i change where the files are placed
    P.S I boot backtrack from a memory stick,I have a 500GB hard disk and 4GB ram
    Another P.S i have tried to see where that root is but i have failed to find out as its not on the hard drive nor on the memory stick and i doubt that its on the ram
    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: root size not big enough

    Thanks for all those who tried to answer i've been playing with comande split and found the solution my self all you have to do is write the code like this

    split (directory of the file to be split) (director of the new file/its name)

    for example

    split 21502154120\superwpa 21502154120\untitled folder\superwpapart -l 50

    this means that the file superwpa will be split in the folder named "untitled folder" and the new files will be named "superwpapart"

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