Hi, BT has brought me a lot of damage!

I installed the Live CD setup of BT5 R3 on a USB drive. Now my desktop and laptop both have Full drive encryption with TrueCrypt (on their main hard disks).

After i've run the Live setup from the thumbdrive on both my desktop and laptop. I remove the thumbdrive, and boot from my regular hard disk. It now says that my TrueCrypt password isn't correct!! Bullshit!!
I had a ton of super imporant data on those drives. You must be kidding me!! Now I'm really pissed off at backtrack, and it will be months of work to retreive back all the lost files!!

How can it be possible that a Live Distro corrupts drives without asking ????

The TrueCrypt recovery cd isn't working, it still says, password incorrect! The partitions are all there. It's just that somehow the password isn't working anymore

Is this for real, did i really lose all that data.

Sorry but i am terribly upset! This is very bad news!