I am having issues installing Nessus 4 on BT4 Final. I have a dual boot configuration with Win7. I followed this great tutorial Installing Nessus on BT4 - Offensive Security but for some reason am unable to get the client to connect properly. I went into the nessusd.conf file and found that it is running on ports 1243 for client and ports 8834 for web. I am able to connect to the web version but not the client. The client tells me that host may not be running. I then ran an nmap scan of

nmap -p1243
and the port came up as closed. I am not sure if there is a firewall on by default with BT4 but I have not enabled one. Also, some other things that I have tried are

ifconfig lo down
ifconfig lo up
I have also restarted the Nessus server, stopped the server and started the server. I tried all three as I did not know if the restart was working properly. If anyone has any solutions for this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for looking.