I've been having an incredible difficult time trying to get BT5 to work on my asus tf700. My tablet is rooted and unlocked running stock JB 4.1.1. So far I've tried following the tutorials online (install image, install busybox, extract image, boot in terminal emulater, etc...) however every time I type in sh bootbt i get one of two errors.

the first one basically says that the loop device failed, I know what that means and if thats the only problem does anyone know where I can find a loop device enabled tf700 kernel?

the second error I get is
": cannot be found
syntax error[13] if unmatched"
this one I have no idea what it means so any advice would be awesome.

this is my first time posting to this forum so sorry in advance for any annoying newbie traits that I have...

I really want to be able to run BT5 on my tablet and I know it can be done but after a week of non stop google/forum searching I can't find the answer so I'm turning it over to those more intelligent then I, thanks for the help