Hello everyone i recently start using the BackTrack linux and as you can assume i still meet some problems and difficulties with some of the tools included in the distribution. So my problem is that i'm trying to brute force a Wordpress site but the brute forcer seems to be frozen, it's staying on 0% for more than an hour, so the commands i used are as follow

root@bt:/pentest/web/wpscan# ruby wpscan.rb --url http://locahost/wp--wordlist darkc0de.lst --username admin
NOTE: I have the darkc0de.lst copied to the /pentest/web/wpscan directory

So looks like the brute forcer is starting without problems but its staying like this for a long period

[+] Starting the password brute forcer

  Brute forcing user 'admin' with 1707657 passwords... 0%
Everything else is working just fine but that's the problem i can't figure. I was looking for a similar threads but i couldn't find anything useful