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Thread: backtrack 5 r3 lag

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    Default backtrack 5 r3 lag

    I'm having an issue with serious system lag on backtrack also its using a constant 50% CPU. I had to reinstall and that's when the problem started worked fine with same settings and every thing. Any one know any fix or possible reason why it could have started lagging? And help would be appreciated

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    Default Re: backtrack 5 r3 lag

    Check what's using the CPU.
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    Default Re: backtrack 5 r3 lag

    The top command should tell you what you need to know. Personally, I've never had a runaway process in BackTrack; at least not one that I didn't cause myself Have you installed any new software?
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    Default Re: backtrack 5 r3 lag

    How did you reinstall?..If you are to reinstall, you "must" format parition, never install over an existing OS..I personally delete and recreate the partition..Check also the Filesystem, it must be ext4...

    If I were tou, aI would delete partition and create it again with ext4. You can leave the swap partition untouched if you want to....

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