Hi everyone,

I've been reading a ton of resources on a lot of different aspects to pen testing and security; Exploits, Metasploit, Web App Security, Injection Vulnerabilities, Networking etc etc. I've found it all fascinating and I'm keen to learn a heap more. One area I've found unfortunately a little lacking is post exploitation. I'm really interested in common techniques found in establishing back doors, rootkits, how to detect them on your system, escalating a windows command shell into something more effective and permanent, etc.

My question is - what do you think are great resources on post exploitation? Are there any good books that focus comprehensively on this area? I've tried googling and also searching for forums here for "post exploit" and "post" just browsing through the pages, but I haven't found anything comprehensive unfortunately.

Again, found some brief mentions / sections in books, but was hoping for something more comprehensive (if it exists).

As an example, given only a default windows XP command shell with no additional programs, how would you establish a permanent connection without user interaction? I could only think of perhaps launching iexplore from the command shell to an infected browser perhaps, but I'd love to learn more.

Thanks all.