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Thread: Unable To make 3 partitions for bt2. help pls.

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    Default Unable To make 3 partitions for bt2. help pls.

    Hi folks,

    I have a problem i ve been struggling with like 4 hours now, so im kinda tired here.

    I have one partition C/ and D/

    since there only sda1 sda2 sda3 and sda4

    I only have sd3 for swap and sd4 for bt.

    now, i am unable to partition a root partition.. sd5

    I followed this tuto : hxxp:// id=43

    modifications i added

    I used /mnt/ intead of /tmp/

    and i mounted boot on the same linux partition

    mount /dev/sda4/ /mnt/backtrack2/boot/

    i installed it with th installer mentioning the source as /mnt/backtrack2/boot/

    the installation : /mnt/backtrack2/
    and i click on real. Install !
    when it is finished

    i reboot

    but when i boot, i go directly on windows vista

    what s the problem guys, i would appreciate some help.

    p.s: my other os is vista.

    thank you

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    The source leave it blank..

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    Sounds like you didn't complete the guide you linked.

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    How many *primary* partitions are you trying to make?

    Oh yeah, as stated - follow the guides....

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