Okay so I've successfully had backtrack running in a virtual environment, but I've recently received an old asus eepc and thought it would be perfect to get a full install on it....IF ONLY!!

I'm now at a complete loss for how to install this. I'm booting off of a usb cd rom drive because the laptop doesn't come with a built in cd tray. So the problem occurs when I click forward after selecting my keyboard input in the installer...the computer just suddenly boots to windows! I have no freakin idea why that happens. So in my frustration I completely wiped windows off the HDD and formatted the drives. Now when I hit forward after selecting my keyboard input the computer just restarts?! wtf! all of the guides just show the installer going smoothly from step 3(the keyboard input) to step 4(format the partitions etc)... help!!!!

So here is the steps I go through!

1.download backtrack 5 r3 gnome-32bit image
2.burn to dvd
3.boot to usb (which is the cd usb cdrom)
4.Press enter at Boot:
5.select option 1 - default boot text mode
6.type startx to enter gui
7.double click install backtrack
8.select my language
9.select my time zone
10.select my keyboard input
11.hit forward after keyboard input and computer reboots....
12.bang head on desk repeatedly

For the record I have checked the md5 sum and tried re-downloading and reburning the disc. I am also able to install windows xp just fine! I've also tried typing ubiquity at command line but nothing happens. I really appreciate any help you can give!