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Thread: Linuxmint instead of Backtrack

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    Default Linuxmint instead of Backtrack

    I am runing the latest version of backtrack and gnome 32bit, When i get into the bios menu I have selected the appropriate settings and it then shows me a menu with a couple options:
    I am using a LiveCD using unetbootin, I used mac unetbootin to mount the iso onto my usb (does that matter?)
    UNetbootin then has this gui:
    Start Linux Mint
    Start in compatibility mode
    Integrity check
    Memory test
    Boot from local drive
    I am very confused as I have downloaded the backtrack iso, why is it giving me linux mint?

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    Default Re: Linuxmint instead of Backtrack

    I suggest you format your USB and download the Backtrack ISO from the official website. Give it another go with unetbootin as shown on the wiki and see if it works.
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