Sorry guys i'm a noob on decrypting codes and hashes and I have a problem fist of all this is not to hack any one I just need to decode or decrypt this code its supposed to be a base64 UTF-8 code but whenever I try to decrypt it my decrypter shows up symbols and i know that is not what it is supposed to be encrypted in that code.

Please anyone interested helping me this is the code:
5IjfEwIxM3wvl21uYOzepqXeFQOm6K3WAtxkAoj_OHB2grWjhc iN.ogfH2VyRaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacqaaaaaaaaaVLLGDKW
This is what my decrypter shows up:
13|/mn`ަdhr#hW$Ziiii*iiiR2 ((8((8//(I think this is not the actual encrypteation but the xml says Utf-8)
I use this decoder:

What I want to know
*The type of encryptation
*How to decrypt it (using BT or Windows)
*And the decrypted text

Thanks Guys