I got this book for Christmas that I am REALLY excited about:

Backtrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner's Guide: Master Bleeding ... - Vivek Ramachandran - Google Books

I started reading it tonight and it says in order to set up the wireless lab you would need:
Two laptops with internal Wi-Fi cards
One Alfa wireless adapter
One access point
An Internet connection

It also briefly mentions that you can use Virtual Box, but doesn't give any details. I currently have two VMs set up in my VMware Player: Backtrack and Windows XP. Is it possible to set up a wireless lab this way and still be able to carry out the exercises in this book (for any who may be familiar with it)? Would I need to go out and get an Alfa wireless adapter as well for things like packet injections.

I'm very new to this and I'm hoping to build a foundation to work on. I'd really love to learn about wireless security and get some insights into Penetration Testing but I just don't have the room to set up a real wireless lab so I'd love to find a way to set up a lab that I could use to follow the exercises in this book using virtual machines. Any help would REALLY be appreciated!

Thank you so much!