I just got an Alfa Awus 036NHR and fresh installed BT5R3 and am having some problems with it. Ive read that its supposed to "work out of the box" on the current revision, but I am having issues with injection and Reaver. It says Chipset: unknown, Driver: Rtl8192cu. It passes the injection test, but doesnt seem to actually work in practice.. Like when Im using injection in Gerix or Aireplay I dont get any more IVs than just sitting on the connection... the stock Broadcom card in the ltop even gets 300+/sec. When using Reaver I get a constant loop of "-Sending EAPOL START request, -WARNING Receive timeout occurred." Im dying to get it working with injection and reaver... Imgonna go stay at my GF's place for the next few days, and she has no internet so if I could get this fixed tonight that would be amazing.

Do I still need to use compat wireless or some of the instructions from this thread? http://www.backtrack-linux.org/forum...ghlight=036nhr , or is it supposed to "work out of the box"? Could it have something to do with interference from the broadcom card? something else? All help would be greatly appreciated..

Im not afraid of the console so I can test ideas if anybody has any or do diagnostics.