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Thread: Crash while booting

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    Question Crash while booting

    I have Backtrack 5 R3 KDE64 and it keeps crashing at the same spot and puts lines across the screen. I have never had problems running backtrack on this machine before so I thought maybe the disk that it is on was scratched up so I re-downloaded it and burned it onto another disk and it is still doing the same thing.
    This is what it is doing: (will post vimeo link when it finally finishes uploading -.-)
    I tried safe mode too and it shows a bunch of lines of code and then it freezes.
    Could it be a driver acting up? The only thing that is different on my computer from when I last used it is the new video card I put in.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Phenom II x4 B55 3.5GHz
    8Gb RAM
    GTX 560 Ti

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    Default Re: Crash while booting

    I would suggest you install your graphic drivers and also try the Gnome version of Backtrack.
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