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Thread: Remmina RDP crash

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    Default Remmina RDP crash

    Remmina (RDP client) is crashing when I hit the enter key. But not at first... only after a compiz cube related crash. Once the crash occurs, I can not recover. I've used Remmina 0.7.4 for 2 years on Ubuntu 10.04. but for some reason there is a new problem with Remmina 0.7.4 on backtrack 5r3 (64bit).

    New install of bt5r3 (64bit), Remmina works fine. Then I added and configured Compiz (cube), still works fine. I ran a session for 24 hours to be certain. Then, one time I was spining the cube to a different desktop, Remmina crashed with an "error" stating it was auto-detecting the US-EN keyboard. I've since found that that is not an error message, just a statement of fact. I manually set the US-EN keybaord, the error goes away and I'm left with an empty error box... with an 'OK' button and nothing else. So I have no error message, just a failure of the application.

    The really interesting part is that once Remmina fails, remember I ran sucessfully for 24 hours... But once it fails, it doesn't work anymore.

    I've tried reinstalling Remina
    I've tried removing Compiz

    Once it fails, the only thing I can do to repair it is to completely re-install the OS. I know that's ridiculous, but I don't now how to find what's damaged.

    I've emailed the author (2 weeks ago), but I don't expect any help because I've talked with him before, he's moved on to freerdp, and the current version of Remmina will not work with 10.04.

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    Default Re: Remmina RDP crash

    It appears this problem is eliminated with the 32bit version of BT5r3. Since the problem is related to Compiz, it would seem this issue has something to do with either the BT 64bit libraries, or the 64bit version of Remmina or Compiz. All I know, is after installing BT5r3 32bit, I haven't had a problem.

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